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Angela Curtis brings almost two decades of experience to the world of manuscript editing. She's become a guiding force for aspiring authors. Her proficiency has transformed numerous drafts into polished pieces that have hit #1 Best Seller status. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the editing process, Angela has successfully assisted numerous writers in bringing their stories to life, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to literary excellence.

As the creator and teacher of the "Editing With Ease" masterclass, Angela's passion for literature and education converge. Her approach is centred around demystifying the editing process, empowering authors to tackle their work with confidence and a clear, stress-free mindset. Her dedication to fostering a supportive space for learning and creativity resonates with her students, who leave her course not just with refined manuscripts, but with a newfound appreciation for the craft of self-editing. Angela's enthusiasm for nurturing writers' talents and her belief in a systematic, yet compassionate approach to revision is at the heart of everything she teaches.


Navigating the Art of Polishing Your Work with Ease


Mastering Calm Revisions in Your Writing Journey


Cultivating Peaceful Edits in Your Creative Process